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The Importance of “Off-the-Ball” Training; New SocMM Off-the-Ball Training Video

The Importance of Off-the-Ball training

“The game is going to become faster with less space and less time” Gaby Robert, Former Manager of Valenciennes Football Club (France) (1986)

“The evolution of football (soccer) essentially involves three elements: speed, space and technical and physical strength.” Gerard Houllier, Former Manager of Liverpool (2002)

“In ten years, the game will have moved on.  It will be FASTER, STRONGER and played at a HIGHER PACE with more ingenious tactics.” Petr Cech, Chelsea and Czech Republic Goalkeeper (2007)

The preceding quotes give a major indication to how important it is for future generations of motivated soccer players to be quicker, faster and more explosive.  Otherwise, players will not be able to adjust to the growing demands of the game.  A more complete player is the player of the future: a player who is not only technically proficient and efficient on-the-ball, but also proficient and efficient in and out of space, OFF-THE-BALL.

So the question becomes, how do we train players to be better off-the-ball, while being able to adjust to ever growing physical demands of the game of soccer?

At SocMM, we believe our soccer-specific “Off-the-Ball” curriculum is the answer.  The curriculum’s base is teaching proper technique (running form, explosive techniques, lateral and soccer-specific movements) while incorporating plyometrics, agility training and sprint work that will create a quicker, faster, explosive and more agile player.

The Off-the-Ball curriculum is a progressive curriculum that is now only just becoming accessible to motivated soccer players in this country (and the world for that matter).  This kind of curriculum is now being seen as pivotal in preparing the best players/teams in the world.  For example, before the 2006 World Cup in Germany, then German national team coach (current USA national team coach) Jurgen Klinsmann wanted to play a more up-tempo playing style, which ran contrary to what the German national team had become accustomed to in previous years.  To accomplish the feat of making the German National team quicker and able to cover more ground, Klinsmann searched the entire planet for a soccer-specific “off-the-ball” curriculum that would help them accomplish their goals.

Klinsmann found the type of program in Los Angeles with the group “Athlete’s Performance” and hired American Shad Forsythe to be their head fitness coach.  Since hiring Forsythe, the German National team has enjoyed huge amounts of success (2006 World Cup (Finished 3rd), 2008 Euros (Finished 2nd), and 2010 World Cup (Finished 3rd)).  The USA and Japan (not traditional soccer powers on international stage) also employed fitness coaches from Forsythe’s group “Athlete’s Performance” who implemented an “off-the-ball curriculum” during their preparations for the 2010 World Cup, and both groups progressed past the group stages into the knock-out stage, which were huge accomplishments for both countries.

Strength Coach Ryan Baker has a background in the game (played collegiately at American University) and provides an off-the-ball curriculum during our seasonal sessions that will get the motivated player in your family where they want to go in the game.  We also provide in our resource section a growing library of training videos both on and off-the-ball.  Here is Coach Ryan’s newest video working on quick-feet and agility:

SocMM will be offering two sessions on the other side of the New Year that will implement an “Off-the-Ball” curriculum.  ‘Coach Ryan’s Off-the-Ball Workouts’ will work exclusively on improving off-the-ball capacities, while ‘Winter Session II’ will stick to the standard SocMM seasonal session curriculum (half on-the-ball; half off-the-ball). Each session costs $100.  We lowered the price to make the sessions more accessible to all motivated players. To register right away, click here.

Welcome to Soccerdome 3: Home of SocMM Winter Session II

Soccerdome 3

Landover, MD—Soccer Means More has come a long way in just a year. In our first winter session (SocMM’s first ever seasonal session), training venues changed between indoor basketball courts and outdoor tennis courts.  Our resources were minimal, but we’ve always wanted to teach motivated players through a progressive curriculum.

Now a year later, SocMM will hold a winter session at what we believe is the premier indoor soccer facility in Prince George’s County, Soccerdome 3 (8400 Ardwick Ardmore Rd. Landover, MD 20785).  Soccerdome 3 is conveniently located off of Route 50 within a half mile of the New Carrolton Metro station.  It’s a very central location that our motivated players from Prince George’s, Anne Arundel and Calvert County can access.  We are thrilled to have Soccerdome 3 as a partner and look forward to hosting future sessions and community initiatives at their facility.

Winter Session II is 6, 90-minute sessions characterized by SocMM’s mix of on-and-off the ball training that will not only prepare the players for the upcoming spring season, but give them tools and resources to continue development on the home front.  Each player will receive a typed out player evaluation at the conclusion of the session discussing what the player did well, can improve upon and suggestions on how to continue their development in the game.  All the sessions will be run by coaches who are highly motivated in developing and mentoring young aspiring players by providing a positive attitude and wealth of knowledge that has been developed through numerous years in the game, playing at high levels (collegiately, professionally and internationally).

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