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The Euros: Technique on the Ball Reigns Supreme


Written by SocMM Executive Director Nate Baker

Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy have been the four best teams in the tournament, and it is only right that all four countries are represented in the semi-final, and for me, it is a wonderful lesson and further proof that the style of play that is most effective is also the most aesthetically beautiful.

All four of the semi-finalists are filled with players front to back (include the goalkeepers) who are very technical (on-the-ball), are great in tight spaces, and try to assert themselves offensively on the other teams instead of sitting back and looking to counter-attack.

SocMM Announces New Staff Coach: Vassar Cates

SocMM Adds New Staff Coach Vassar Cates

Soccer Means More is proud to announce the addition of new Staff Coach Vassar Cates.

Vassar is a very accomplished player and coach that comes to us from Amarillo, Texas with a wealth of knowledge that he looks forward to imparting on the SocMM community.

Executive Director Nate Baker was fortunate enough to meet Vassar on his recent trip to Tacoma, Washington during the United State Soccer Federation (USSF) B-license course.  After realizing Vassar had just moved to the DC-Metropolitan area no more than two weeks prior, Coach Nate was thrilled at the opportunity to add to an ever growing SocMM staff.

“Soon after meeting Vassar, I knew he was the kind of passionate, hardworking coach that would be a fantastic add to our staff,” said Coach Nate.

“He was out there in Washington doing the same thing as me: trying to become a more well-rounded coach.  Once I found out he had just moved to the area, I knew it was a no-brainer to add him to the staff.”

All of our staff bios are written in a first-person fashion, so you get to know each staff member more intimately.  Please read Vassar’s bio by clicking here.

Vassar will be a part of the SocMM Summer Camp set up this year, and we are glad to add him to the SocMM family!

Extra Kicks:

There is still time to sign your motivated player up to train with coaches like Vassar this summer during our SocMM summer camps.

To register online, click here.

For more information on the camps, click here.

For any other questions, please contact us by clicking here.

My 8 Days in Tacoma, Washington: Pursuing My USSF B-License

b-license group pic featured

Disclaimer: the following was written by Executive Director Nate Baker

You will find below a link to my personal coaching blog Coach Nate’s Corner with an entry entitled “My 8 Days in Tacoma, Washington: Pursuing my USSF B-License”.  The United State Soccer Federation B-License is the second highest license a coach can attain in US Soccer and more importantly it is an opportunity for motivated coaches to improve in their craft.

I learned a lot from the course and some of the new found information will be added into the Soccer Means More curriculum, especially our Summer Camps. Please enjoy the entry by clicking here.

Extra Kicks:

Summer Camps Registration Ends Soon!

Our summer camps are filling up, but there is still room for motivated Soccer Players, especially in our Week 2 session (July 16th-July 20th; noon-6pm) and our High School Prep Week (July 30th-August 3rd; noon-6pm).

The curriculum of our camps will be unlike anything else your motivated players have ever experienced.  Your players will improve as players (technically, physically, psycho-socially and tactically) within a professional setting that rewards hard work.

Remember, the camps are for everyone regardless of your player’s experience in the game.

For more information on the camps, click here.

To register online, click here.

SocMM’s Staff Continues to Grow:

On Thursday, look out for a new article on our newest SocMM staff coach.  He is an ex-professional who I met during the B-license course and will be part of the Summer Camp set-up.


If you have any questions about the B-license course, Summer Camps or anything else, contact us by clicking here.

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