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The Best Day in the History of SocMM: A Recap of the 2012 Fall Workshop (Plus Pictures from the Day)

DC United's Conor Shanosky (middle) during his Guest Speaker Speech

Disclaimer: The following article is a first-hand recap of the 2012 Fall Workshop by SocMM Executive Director Nate Baker

I think when you put together an event like this, you aren’t quite sure how it will turn out.  So much is dependent on factors that we had no control over, so we put together what we knew was a great product and hoped for the best.

But it turned our better than we ever could have hoped for…

We had 136 kids participating on the field with the pros this past Saturday, which almost tripled out best attendance at our previous two workshops even though we narrowed the age range of the players we would train from 7-17 to 7-12. The players were enthusiastic, respectful and enjoyed training with former professionals, while taking part in a curriculum that was challenging and possibly different than anything they had encountered before.

Each player sported the official Workshop training shirt, which was a smooth baby-blue shirt that made the atmosphere seem even more special. It was a great sight watching numerous children from the area, from different backgrounds in life and in the game, wearing the same SocMM gear and enjoying a day of soccer on absolutely beautiful fall day.  It’s something we will never forget.

I want to thank all the volunteers and vendors responsible for making the day what it was.  Having local boys and girls clubs and youth programs at the workshop was huge.  It helped us reach kids that we hadn’t been reaching in the past and gave the event the “community feel” that we have been striving for since we started running the workshops a year ago.

Our volunteers were fantastic and I wanted to single our Nina Moses who pretty much ran the show during the workshop.  She stepped up and filled General Manager Brittany Baker’s shoes very well, and we are thankful she is a part of our program.

I also want to thank our sponsor Eric Davidson from Allstate.  Speaking with Eric after the workshop, you could feel the excitement he had for not only how well the day went, but what this meant potentially for future workshops.   Without Eric, we would have struggled to come up with the funds for advertizing and purchasing the shirts the kids went home with, so thank you for your support.

Also, we want to thank the Bowie Patch and Bowie Blade for featuring us in the lead up to the workshop.  We saw a major spike in sign-ups once your articles went up, so thank you for that.

The day wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our awesome coaching staff.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and brilliant coaching.  All the kids enjoyed the training, and all ten of you are the reason for that.

Another portion that the kids loved was our guest speaker speech delivered by DC United’s Conor Shanosky.  The kids asked a bunch of great questions, which showed me how much they took an interest in being around one of their heroes.  Conor was great and stayed after to take pictures and sign autographs, which was fantastic for the kids, so thanks Conor for being such a great guest speaker!

In summation, it was the best day in the short history of our company, and we hope the SocMM Workshop continues to grow and become a staple of the local community.  Thanks again for your part in such a special day!

What’s next?

Well if you enjoyed training on the field this past Saturday, we encourage you to sign up for our SocMM Winter Academy.  The academy is a 20-session program that starts in January and runs through early March.  It’s an age-specific program that offers the best of the SocMM curriculum.  For more information on the Winter Academy, click here.

To register, you can click here.

Pictures from the 2012 Workshop!

Brandon Pigg did a fantastic job documenting the Fall Workshop through photos.  We will be posting a number of photos from the workshop every few days for the next few weeks on our SocMM Facebook page.  Please go to our SocMM Facebook page (click here), “like us” once you get there and share/tag yourself in pictures from the day.  We want the people within your communities to see what a special day it truly was.

SocMM Program Spotlight: Winter Academy Training

Coach Nate (middle) and the SocMM staff are looking forward to the Winter Academy

This is article 20 of 20 in our “20 Articles in 20 Days” promotion of the upcoming Free Fall Workshop in November 17, 2012 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School from 12:30-4pm.

We can’t wait for tomorrow’s workshop, and we hope all of you feel the same way.  The workshop comes at a time where everyone’s fall seasons have come to a close, but now the question remains:

How will you be continuing your training during the winter?

Starting today, we have opened online registration for the SocMM Winter Academy! Below you will find a very thorough explanation of the entire 20-session program.  Our goal has been to provide the best training programs at the most affordable prices, and we think with the SocMM Winter Academy, we have done just that.

Players who register at the SocMM Workshop booth tomorrow will receive $25 off the cost of the tuition!  At the workshop, you can pay by either cash or check, or you can register online at any time by clicking here.

Please read below our in-depth description of the SocMM Winter Academy.  We are really excited about the project.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

SocMM Winter Academy 2013:

We’ve decided to put together an elite, age-specific program that will span the entire winter instead of our usual six session format.  The program is 20 sessions long and will start in January and end the first weekend in March.

Session breakdown:

Eight (90 minute) On-the-Ball technical sessions where the players develop their techniques on the ball.

Four (90 minute) Off-the-Ball sessions where players will learn techniques to improve soccer-specific quickness, agility, strength, running form and much more.

Eight (60 minute) Small-Side Game sessions that will allow the players to apply learned lessons in a game-like environment.

Age Group Breakdown:

For this program, we wanted to make sure of two things logistically.  We wanted to keep our small player to coach ratio to allow more individual attention with each player, and we wanted to make sure the players were training specifically within their own age bracket.

We will be accepting no more than 16 players per age group.

Age Groups:

Session 1: (7, 8 year olds)

Session 2: (9, 10 year olds)

Session 3: (11, 12, 13 year olds)

Session 4: (High school aged kids: 14, 15, 16+ year olds)

Session Dates and Times:

Session 1


On-the   Ball (10am-11:30am)

Small-Side   (1pm-2pm)

Off-the-ball   (6:15pm-7:45pm)



6th,   13th, 20th, 27th

7th,   21st (Mondays)



3rd,   10th, 17th

4th,   18th (Mondays)




Session 2


On-the   Ball (11:30am-1pm)

Small-Side   (2pm-3pm)

Off-the-ball   (6:15pm-7:45pm)



6th,   13th, 20th, 27th

9th,   23rd (Wednesdays)



3rd,   10th, 17th

6th,   20th (Wednesdays)




Session 3


On-the   Ball (1pm-2:30pm)

Small-Side   (3-4pm)

Off-the-ball   (6:15pm-7:45pm)



6th,   13th, 20th, 27th

14th,   28th (Mondays)



3rd,   10th, 17th

11th,   25th (Mondays)




Session 4


On-the   Ball (2:30-4pm)

Small-Side   (4pm-5pm)

Off-the-ball   (6:15pm-7:45pm)



6th,   13th, 20th, 27th

16th,   30th (Wednesdays)



3rd,   10th, 17th

13th,   27th (Wednesdays)




*Note: No sessions February 23rd or 24th because of Holy Trinity’s 300 year anniversary.

Important Details:

Who can sign up: Motivated Players who want to get better (ages 8-16). Remember to register for the correct session.

Registration Closes: January 2, 2013 or when session is filled (16 players).

Locations for Winter Academy Training:

Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School (Lower School): 13106 Annapolis Rd. Bowie, MD 20720

Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School (Upper School): 11902 Daisy Lane Glenn Dale, MD 20769

*On Saturdays and Sundays, we will use the outdoor turf field at the HTEDS Lower School

**Off-the-Ball sessions will be in the HTEDS Upper School Multi-Purpose Room


The cost of the SocMM Winter Academy is $225 per player, which breaks down to $11.25 per session ($5 less per session than previous seasonal session rate).


Can I just pay for a few sessions within a seasonal session?

No. If the player is accepted for a seasonal session, the player must pay the total cost of the seasonal session, and try to participate in all of the training sessions.

What if a session is missed due to an unforeseeable reason like the weather? Does the player get a refund? What is protocol?

Because it is the winter and we are upping the session number from six to 20, our policy on make-up sessions will be a little different.

First, training will only be cancelled if snow makes it impossible to train or travel to the session.  During the outdoor sessions on Saturday and Sunday, it will be cold, but if we can train, we will train.  We will only make up one session per type of session that is canceled due to inclement weather (On-the-ball, off-the-ball and small-side).  Every session cancelled after that due to inclement weather will not be made up.

Secondly, if you can’t make your session at one time, but can make a later session that same day, you cannot show up at another session looking to train unless it is cleared with the SocMM coaching staff ahead of time.

Do we get receive anything outside of the training my son or daughter will be receiving?

Each player will receive a prepared player evaluation at the end of the session.

Who will be running the sessions?

Executive Director Nate Baker will be running the Saturday and Sunday portions of the Winter Academy with the help of his staff.  Strength Coach Ryan Baker will be running the Off-the-Ball sessions.

To register for any of the sessions click here or go to our Online Registration (located under the Programs tab).

If you have any other questions on the sessions, contact GM Brittany Baker at

SocMM Fall Volunteer Profile: Nina Moses

On-site Coordinator Nina Moses (right) poses with Nate and Brittany Baker after the first Fall Workshop

This is article 19 of 20 in our “20 Articles in 20 Days” promotion of the upcoming Free Fall Workshop in November 17, 2012 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School from 12:30-4pm.

This is our second “Volunteer Profile” and again we profile a person who has volunteered at every workshop since the beginning and her contributions are vital to the success of the all the workshops she’s been a part of.

When you arrive on Saturday, Nina Moses will be running around making sure the entire day is running on schedule.  She is our Workshop coordinator and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have during the day. Without Nina volunteering her time, the workshop would have a hard time functioning properly.

Nina was nice enough to answer a few questions for this profile, and she will be more than happy to answer your questions this Saturday.   Please enjoy!

1-How did you get involved in Soccer Means More? What will be your role at the Workshop?

I became involved in Soccer Means More due to my friendship with General Manager Brittany Baker. I am a strong believer and supporter of small businesses, especially an organization with a mission to give back to the community. I met Nate as he and Brittany were dating, and could immediately recognize his passion for the sport of soccer, and I admired his dedication to providing world-class training for the Prince George’s County community.

Sponsor Profile: Eric Davidson of Allstate

Sponsor Eric Davidson's son (Nathan) enjoys a laugh with Coach Zak

This is article 18 of 20 in our “20 Articles in 20 Days” promotion of the upcoming Free Fall Workshop on November 17, 2012 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School from 12:30-4pm.

Running a free community workshop for children every six months is something SocMM takes a lot of pride in.  Our workshops have become a real staple of our company and have allowed us the privilege of meeting people who love soccer, enjoy our program and align with many of our core philosophies.

Our sponsor Eric Davidson is a great example of this.  After witnessing a Workshop first-hand last spring and signing his children, Nathan and Kirstyn, for future sessions including our Spring Functional Sessions and our Summer Camps, he approached us this past summer about possibly sponsoring the event moving forward.  The fact that this partnership came together organically is something that proves the strength of our growing community, and how much people truly enjoy the free workshops.

Putting together a free workshop isn’t cheap.  Hiring staff, advertising and player gifts are a few of the costs that are incurred.  In the past, we scraped by trying to put together the workshop, which is fine with us because we know how important the workshop is, but this go around, Eric and Allstate have helped us out a bit with the advertising, and with the SocMM Workshop training shirts that every participant will go home with on Saturday.

We are grateful for Eric’s contribution as a sponsor and look forward to working together in the future to make sure the SocMM free workshops become a true staple of the community.

Eric was nice enough to answer a few questions for us.  Please enjoy!

SocMM Fall Volunteer Profile: Brandon Pigg

Brandon Pigg sits between his two SocMM playing sons Ben (left) and Ryan (right)

This is article 17 of 20 in our “20 Articles in 20 Days” promotion of the upcoming Free Fall Workshop in November 17, 2012 at Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School from 12:30-4pm.

One of the great things about sports is that it has the potential to build a community atmosphere where people feel a part of something that is bigger than the actual sport.  Within a youth soccer organization like ours, it’s very important that all players and parents feel welcome regardless of their background in the game or how long they have trained with SocMM.

But to build this sense of community and to build a program from the ground, you need people who believe in the club’s vision to volunteer their time to ensure the program has an opportunity of getting off the ground.  With SocMM and our vendors (PG County Boys and Girls Clubs), volunteerism is the life blood of our community based programs.

With this article, we wanted to spotlight a volunteer who has helped us document important moments in the history of SocMM through photography.  Brandon Pigg from the very beginning has volunteered his time taking pictures of numerous SocMM events and 99.9% of the pictures you see on the website, our Facebook page and on Twitter have been taken by him.

You will see Brandon out at the Workshop snapping away, documenting another great day in the short history of the company.  When you see him Saturday, be sure to smile, but in the mean time, please read our interview of Brandon below:

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