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Ten Things We Are Thankful For

#6 The Free Workshops

2012 has been a fantastic year for SocMM, and now that we are coming to the end of the year, it’s important to look back and reflect on some of the things that we are thankful for.

Ten Things We Are Thankful For (No Specific Order):

1-Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School (HTEDS):

HTEDS has been the host of every SocMM event this past year except for one.  They have been a huge part of SocMM’s growth because they allow us to use their fantastic facilities and have been supremely hospitable despite SocMM being a company still in its infancy.

Without a place to call home, we wouldn’t have had the amount of success that we enjoyed this year.

2-Our Coaching Staff:

We started with four coaches (Daryl, Larry, Nate and Ryan) and now have build up our coaching family that much more.  This year we were able to incorporate Coach Biko Kujifi and Vassar Cates into our staff and our staff is better off for it.

Having a young staff with a strong background in the game allows the SocMM message to truly get through to the kids, and we hope to build on our staff moving forward.

3-New Partnerships:

For the Fall Workshop, we were able to do a few things we haven’t been able to do to this point.  First, we got a sponsor to help pay for the day.  SocMM parent Eric Davidson of Allstate came to SocMM with the idea this past summer, and we hope this partnership lasts us moving forward into future workshops.

Also, we are thankful we are able to start building a coalition of soccer clubs from the area that want to do right by the kids in Prince George’s County.  Bowie, Glenarden, Lanham and South Bowie Boys and Girls Club along with Glenn Dale Recreational Council helped spread the word within their communities about this past Fall Workshop helping us to achieve record numbers for attendance.  They also acted as vendors at the workshop making sure that every child who participated in the workshop would have a place to keep playing next spring. We hope to keep building on our new partnerships moving into 2013.

4-Building New Curriculums:

Interested in SocMM Winter Academy, But Can’t Make all of the Dates?

Shea Works on Her First Touch

In just over three weeks, SocMM will begin its third seasonal winter program, but for the time around, we will be conducting a 20-session program entitled the SocMM Winter Academy.  The program starts January 5, 2013 and ends in early March for motivated players ages 7-17.

We have garnered a lot of interest in the Winter Academy, but some people have voiced concern about missing some of the sessions due to prior engagements and potential conflicts.  With this article, we want to make sure we put to rest some of your concerns about committing to what should be an exciting winter program.

Reasons Why Motivated Players Should Still Sign Up Despite Potential Conflicts:

Last week we posted the article “Ten Reasons Why the SocMM Winter Academy is the Perfect Fit for the Player in Your Family” to give parents and players a look at why we believe the SocMM Winter Academy is a program that the player in your family can not afford to miss out on.

That being said, we understand that there will be times when your son or daughter will not be able to attend a session because of a conflict, and we want you to know that it is alright.  We would love to have every child attend every day of the program, but we know that is asking a lot. There are going to be conflicts, but with that inevitability in mind, we did the following to make sure players didn’t miss out if they miss a few sessions during the course of the winter:

1-Tuition: The cost of the Winter Academy is $225.  That breaks down to $11.25 per session, which is the lowest per session rate that we have ever offered and arguably the lowest rate per session you will find in the area.  We do this with the idea that if players do miss a session from time to time, the parents’ wallet won’t take too much of a hit.

2-Curriculum: We do believe our curriculum best prepares players to grow in the game, but what if your son or daughter misses a session? Will they fall behind the rest of the group?

Every one of our session plans are prepared and logged using soccer-specific software.  If your son or daughter is going to miss a session, we are more than willing to send the curriculum for that day through email, so the player in your family can work on the skill-sets that are missed on his/her own time.

If you sign the player(s) in your family up for a SocMM session, we know it is our responsibility to ensure development occurs, even if a player has to miss a session.


We are so excited about the Winter Academy and believe it will be our best program to date.  We hope this article have eased any concerns about missing sessions.

If you are interested in registering, please click here.

If you want to learn more about the Winter Academy, please click here.

Ten Reasons Why the SocMM Winter Academy is the Perfect Fit for the Player in Your Family

Reason #2: Coach Ryan's Off-the-Ball Sessions

Winter can be a frustrating time for youth soccer players in this area.  The fall season comes to a close and many players who want to continue training have limited opportunities to build off the success of their fall seasons…so we knew we had to create a winter program that took our staple curriculum and spread it out over the course of the winter months.

Thus the SocMM Winter Academy was born! Below, we have listed the top ten reasons why the SocMM Winter Academy is the best program out there for the motivated player(s) in your family.

1-Winter Opportunities to Train are Limited

Many players are lucky get to play in one futsal or indoor soccer game a week and many of these games last 40 minutes, so each player is lucky to get 30 minutes of training a week during the winter.

Starting January 5, 2013, we will train two to three times a week for eight straight weeks ending in early March.  The SocMM Winter Academy will have the motivated player(s) in your sharp and ready for the spring season!

2-Off-the-Ball training with Coach Ryan Baker

No programs in the area offer the type of soccer-specific training that SocMM offers.  Coach Ryan played college soccer at American University and was a two-time Iron Eagle award recipient (the award given to the best athlete on campus).

Ryan has developed an age-specific curriculum that will help the player in your family become faster, more explosive and stronger on the soccer field.

Check out this video of Ryan running an agility session last winter:

3-The 20-session program

Each player will receive the following:

Eight On-the-Ball sessions: Each 90-minute, weekly session will teach players to improve their mastery of the ball.

Four Off-the-Ball sessions: Each 90-minute, bi- weekly session will teach and improve players’ techniques off-the-ball to make them quicker, faster and more agile.

Eight Small-Sided sessions: Each 60-minute weekly session will allow the players to apply what they have learned to that point in a game-type setting.

Four-Age-Specific Sessions Offered

It is important that players train with players of a similar age, and this time around, we have ensured that by providing four sessions that players can participate in that our broken down by age-group.  With this format, we can tailor the curriculum even more so to fit the needs of each age group that we are training.

Session 1: 7, 8 year olds

Session 2: 9, 10 year olds

Session 3: 11, 12 and 13 year olds

Session 4: High-school aged kids

5-Small Coach to Player Ratios

Each session has a player limit of 16.  This way we can ensure no higher than a 1:8 coach to player ratio.  We really believe in small group training and giving players as much individual attention as possible within a group set-up.  Within this set-up, players receive more reps on the ball and receive more teaching.  Once a session hits capacity (16 players), we close registration to that session.

6-The Training Culture

We don’t care what your son or daughter’s background in the game is.  If the player in your family is motivated to get better, then he/she belongs in our program.  We pride ourselves on building an atmosphere that is advantageous for learning at each one of our sessions. Because of this, the players leave the sessions better players and people.

7-End-of-Session Evaluation

Once the session is finished, each player will receive an evaluation that will guide the player forward into the spring.  The evaluation will provide an explanation of what they did well, what they can improve upon and how to improve both on and off-the-ball.

8-Leg-up on the Competition

Every player has individual goals that they will want to accomplish next spring.  Goals can range from earning more playing time with a club team to getting recruited to play college soccer.  The SocMM Winter Academy will prepare you to succeed this spring through our fantastic curriculum and top coaching staff, which leads me to the next reason you should sign up…

9-The Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff is built around young and enthusiastic coaches who have played at the highest levels.  The SocMM staff is comprised of former professionals who are not that far removed from where the players are right now in their development.  The amount of teaching and mentoring the staff is capable of giving is something that separates us from other training companies.

10-The Tuition

The Winter Academy tuition is $225 per player.  That breaks down to $11.25 per session, which is a cheaper rate than our previous winter session, which was six sessions for $100 ($16.67 per session).

We pride ourselves on not only creating and providing the best product, but also the most affordable.

To register for the SocMM Winter Academy, while there are still spots, click here!

For any questions on the SocMM Winter Academy, contact us by clicking here.

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