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SocMM Spring Program: Individual Training Programs for Motivated Players

Larry Mark (pictured) is one of the trainers

Soccer Means More is happy to announce our Spring Individual Training Programs. The individual training programs provide motivated players with an opportunity to train and learn from a SocMM Coach in a one-on-one environment.

These individual sessions are tailored to the player’s specific developmental needs, which will allow for more development to occur.  SocMM coaches, who have all played at very high levels, will be able to build up the motivated player in your family in the following ways:

-Technically: The player will have their on-the-ball techniques developed and perfected, so they can function at a high level.

-Functionally: The player will receive position-specific training that will allow the player to use skills learned and apply it in a game environment.

-Psycho-Socially: The player will learn coping mechanisms to help the player to focus and succeed at a high level.  The player will also leave sessions with more self-belief and self-knowledge after discussing the proper mentalities and ways to prepare with a coach who has played at the highest levels.   The player is not only getting a coach, but he/she is also getting a mentor, which is vital for development.

Each session’s duration is an hour, and the frequency of the sessions is determined by the player’s family.  The sessions will take place in Bowie, MD, but it is possible to have sessions at a different location if it makes sense for both parties.

We have several coaches who have played at the highest levels.  Our policy is to hear about your player (via email or phone) and then match him/her with the best coaching fit.

Below is our fee structure.  Individual sessions can include anywhere from 1-4 players at a time.  With more individual players involved, the total cost increases, but the rate per player decreases, so if there are a few kids on your club team who want individual training, it can be more cost-effective to train with a few players as opposed to just one.

Ferguson and Mark named Co-Executive Directors; Baker takes new role as President

Daryl Ferguson (pictured)

Soccer Means More is pleased to announce the promotion of its two lead staff coaches to the positions of Co-Executive Director .  Daryl Ferguson and Larry Mark, staff coaches from SocMM’s inception, will take the place of Executive Director and SocMM founder Nate Baker as he transitions into his new role as the first assistant men’s soccer coach at the United States Naval Academy.

“Two years ago, I started a community-based training company that aimed to be unique and help motivated children become better soccer players and people,” said Baker.  “In that time, we have held numerous seasonal sessions and three free workshops for the Prince George’s community, and I am proud of the impact we have made.”

“Daryl and Larry are passionate about the game, have a vision for the future and love developing motivated players of all ages.  They were the first two staff coaches that I brought in, and they will ensure that Soccer Means More continues to grow, and that is the most important thing.”

Coach Nate will still be a part of the program and will fill the new role of SocMM President.  In his new role, he will oversee the program from a far, helping with big picture issues, while leaving the day-to-day management and on-field coaching to Ferguson and Mark.

“Being promoted to the co-executive director is a huge accomplishment for me,” remarked Ferguson. “We have a tremendous coaching staff and front office, and I believe Coach Larry and I can help SocMM continue to move in the right direction…”

“As co-executive director I would like to help SocMM become one of the premier player development programs in the country,” added Mark.

SocMM will be announcing its spring and summer dates later this week.

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