About Us

SocMM’s New Mission:

To provide free online resources to anyone interested in the game of soccer (youths, parents, coaches and soccer enthusiasts) that will aim to encourage, teach, motivate and hopefully help navigate you in your journey with the beautiful game.

Founder Nate Baker teaches at a SocMM Spring Session 2012


Soccer Means More LLC was originally established in 2011 by Nate Baker as a way to give elite soccer-specific training and mentorship to motivated players within his hometown of Bowie, Maryland. With the help of his brother, Ryan Baker and his wife Brittany Baker, Nate was able to build a curriculum and program that would allow him to give back to his community, a community that gave him a place to play and grow within the game in the first place.

SocMM’s first session (Winter 11′) was made up of twelve players from the local club Freestate Soccer Alliance and ever since then, SocMM has continued to grow. With a carefully tailored, age-specific curriculum that mixes “on-the-ball” training (technical) with “off-the-ball” training (physical) in a demanding atmosphere that stresses a proper mental approach (psycho-social), the development of great players and people is possible.

In 2012, SocMM was able to train hundreds of players from all over the state of Maryland through SocMM’s “seasonal sessions” that occurred each season and allowed players to functionally train both on and off the ball to supplement the training they received from their club or Academy teams.  The other way SocMM was able to reach players was through SocMM Free Workshops.  The workshops allowed local kids of all backgrounds in the game the opportunity to experience the SocMM curriculum with professional players and coaches, take in a great guest speaker, go home with an official SocMM Workshop shirt and hopefully a new found love for the game of soccer.  The greatest part of these workshops was that local clubs were able to provide kids a place to continue playing if they were interested after participating in the workshop.  The last Free Workshop in the Fall of 2012 hosted over 160 children and their families. According to SocMM Founder Nate Baker: “It was the best day I had ever experienced in the game; a truly special day that I will never forget.”

In 2013, Baker was named as new First Assistant for Navy Men’s Soccer.  With his new appointment, it was always going to be difficult to continue to build the program up and provide the same types of training sessions that had become a staple the previous two years.  After the final seasonal session in early 2013, all SocMM programs were suspended indefinitely.

Our New Direction:

Although we no longer are able to coach players in person, it is our hope that we will be able to remake SocMM, while continuing to stick to our core philosophies and values.  Starting May 2014, SocMM will act as an online resource that will provide articles, opinion pieces, training videos and much more from exciting voices within the game, so that we can continue to give back to the soccer community.  We hope to provide material that will help the motivated player, parent, coach and/or soccer enthusiast in their journey through the beautiful game.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support of the program.


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