A Letter from SocMM: SocMM Cancels Summer Camps and Future Sessions

Nate Baker at the 2012 Fall Workshop

Note: The following is a first-hand letter from the founder of Soccer Mean More, Nate Baker

Dear SocMM Family,

When I started SocMM almost two and half years ago, my goal was to start a program that molded children into great soccer players and people, while creating curriculums that were fun, engaging, instruction-based, demanding and affordable.  In two years through SocMM, we have run numerous seasonal sessions and three thrilling community workshops that allowed players of all experiences levels to enjoy the beautiful game.  I am extremely proud of the work our staff has done to affect the children in such a positive way, and thankful for the parents who trusted us to teach their sons and daughters.

In January, I was hired as the first assistant for the men’s soccer program at the US Naval Academy.  My work with SocMM both on the field and behind the scenes has allowed me to make a smooth transition to my new position, but with this new position, it became evident that the time I had to help SocMM continue to build and progress was no longer there, and I hated to think of the program becoming watered down or less effective because I couldn’t give it my full attention.

So I decided, in the best interest of the organization, to cancel this years’ summer camps and postpone indefinitely future seasonal sessions and community workshops.   In the mean time, we will just be offering individual training opportunities with our staff coaches, while continuing to post articles, videos and other useful resources on the site that will allow players the opportunity to get better on their own.

I wanted to thank a few people/organizations who have helped us make an impact these last few years.

First, I want to thanks Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School and John Reger for allowing us to call HTEDS home.  Your facilities and reputation gave us instant credibility, so thank you.

Secondly, I want to thank Sam Bishop for being the architect of our awesome website. Thanks for all your help in giving SocMM a strong online presence.

Next, I wanted to thank my friends and the staff who have coached or volunteered time to help us run sessions or put together the workshops.  It takes a lot of people with a single vision to have accomplished what we did in two years, so thank you.

Also, I wanted to thank my wife Brittany and my brother Ryan who were there from Day 1.  Without you two, SocMM wouldn’t have ever been able to happen.  Ryan created everything from the off-the-ball curriculums to the SocMM logo, and Brittany was able to give context to my vision, while showing me the best ways to create lasting relationships with our customers.

Finally, I want to thank every player that we were lucky enough to train.  Just about every player who walked through our doors was respectful, worked hard and eager to learn.  That combination of traits is a coach’s dream, so thank you for buying into the entire program.

Best Regards,

Nate Baker

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